Designed to Accommodate the Needs of all Students

The Sidi Abdellah university center in which ENSIA is located is designed to accommodate 20,000 teaching places in the fields of science and technology. ENSIA is housed in a structure of 2000 places with its classrooms and practical laboratories. This structure is shared with the National School of Mathematics (ENSMa).

Modern and Self Contained

Students are housed at the student hall of residence no. 6 which has a capacity of 1000 beds. They are accommodated in well-equipped single rooms and benefit from common areas and services in the same residence such as a reading room, a computer room, a gym, and an on-site canteen.

Great Flexibility

The proximity of the residence to the classrooms (located 300 meters away) allows students great flexibility to combine individual work in the teaching block or in the university residences. The university residence n 6, is close to the other 5 university residences numbered from 1 to 5. The total capacity of all six university residences is 11,000 beds.

Post Office and Cafeteria

A post office is located within residence no. 3 and is open from Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 to 18:00. A cafeteria is also available on the ground floor of the school’s teaching block serving quick meals and hot and cold drinks.

Other Services

The campus is connected to the train network from West Algiers (Sidi Abdellah University stop) and is also served by university-dedicated buses. The campus is located 2km from the main entrance to the new town of Sidi Abdellah, accessible on foot, and offers students access to several services such as the post office, restaurants, cafes, shops, etc.

In addition to the educational structures, accommodation, catering, reading rooms, and sports facilities, the future university centre will be equipped with a central library, an auditorium, a center for research laboratories, and a building for the rectorial administration with meeting rooms and workspaces. ENSIA would use and have access to these common structures and services.