ENSIA believes that cooperation is necessary to enable it to perform its various activities with excellence. To this end, several partnership agreements have been concluded. We present below our partners and the main elements of the agreements.


Signing of a framework partnership agreement between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS) and the national company for the research, production, transport, transformation, and marketing of hydrocarbons (SONATRACH)  to the benefit of ENSIA to promote the development of scientific research and the implementation of its results, the improvement of higher education, and the development of business skills. These targets would be achieved through the following axes:

  • Phase 1 : 
    • Training of future “leaders”
    • Training and preparation of students for professions related to hydrocarbons (gas and oil industries), renewable energies, and environmental protection.
  • Phase 2: Training, production of technical-scientific research, and exploitation of results.
  • Phase 3: Installation of an incubator at the level of the two schools

Huawei Telecommunication Algeria

Signing of a framework partnership agreement between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS) and Huawei Telecommunication Algeria SARL to support and promote training and research in the ICT sector through:

  • The implementation of programs for the benefit of ENSIA teachers and students, facilitating the transfer of information and communication technologies
  • The training of talents and the creation of synergies between university education and the professional world
  • The training of human resources in ICT to meet the national skills needs in the fields of telecommunications
  • Collaboration to build a talent ecosystem through Huawei ICT Competition, Huawei Seeds for the Future, as well as the Huawei ICT Academy special fund


Signing of a framework partnership agreement with the National Agency for the Valorization of Research and Technological Development Results (ANVREDET) aimed at the exchange of knowledge and technical and scientific skills between the two parties, as well as the study of common projects likely to be the subject of an economic valuation.

The Research Hub network

The school collaborates with the University of Notre Dame (UND) (United States), the Centre for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CDTA), and the National School of Mathematics (ENSMa) in order to set up a Hub of Research at the Sidi Abdallah technology park to encourage new talent and promote collaboration between academic researchers, industrialists and other actors in society.