The Ecole Nationale Supérieure en Intelligence Artificielle (ENSIA) is an institution of excellence for higher education whose vocation is to educate engineers specializing in the theory of artificial intelligence and data sciences. Furthermore, they will also have the capacity to develop and deploy practical and innovative solutions to the problems of the various socio-economic sectors (health, energy, agriculture, transport, etc.), thus contributing to the scientific and economic development of Algeria.

ENSIA Mission

In addition to the missions of the national higher education schools, ENSIA will
also, make it possible to achieve the following objectives

Solid Foundation

Enable engineers with solid foundations in mathematics, a deep theoretical understanding of the different techniques of artificial intelligence and the world of entrepreneurship, and practical and general skills that will make them attractive to employers.

High-level Researchers

Address the lack of high-level researchers and specialists in areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, computer vision, automatic language processing, and speech processing.

New AI Techniques

Meeting real needs in training and transdisciplinary scientific research through the application and development of new AI techniques in various disciplines such as energy, agriculture, health, security, etc.

Going Digital

Contribute to the digital development of the country.

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ENSIA is located in the new technology center of Sidi Abdellah in the western suburbs of Algiers some 40 kilometers away. It is easily accessible via various means of public transport. The natural environment of the center, which is in a calm and pleasant landscape provides appropriate conditions for teaching and research.